Regular masterclasses with industry professionals

Finding the Game: Masterclass with John Wright

17 November 10.30am-5pm – FREE
For John Wright play is a discipline and games are the way he structures and inspires play time again and again. This course uses naive masks to develop collaborative play and audience contact.

Bouffon: Masterclass with Mark Winstanley

20 October 10.30am-5pm – FREE
You will explore grotesque parody, body masking and the pleasure of using mockery to speak truth to power. Bouffons can be found in the work of Sasha Baron Cohen, South Park and Saturday Night Live.

Clowning: Masterclass with Andre Pink

13 October 10.30am-5pm – FREE
In Clowning everything is an excuse to play! You play with your vulnerability, the stupid in you, the child in you. The sooner you encounter it, the more resilient performer you will be.

Commedia Dell’arte: MASTERCLASS with Didi Hopkins

6 Oct 10.30am-5pm – FREE
What is it about this Italian 16th century theatre tradition that is still so influential? You will explore the masks, archetypes, improvisation and create high drama from thin air.

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